In plain english?

We are an internationally oriented consultancy that helps its customers with advice AND support. Since 2008, we have been improving processes and products, opening up new markets and developing business models.


Digital entertainment
Management and distribution of sports rights
Public administration
Chemistry and industry


Project management
Process analysis and optimization
IT consulting and development
Product localization
Brand development
Business development
Sales Interim management including operational support of work processes
Customer care

Insane! How do you get all this done?

Battle plan.

First, we explore the terrain. Can we win? Where are we, where’s the enemy? Where do we have weak points, or untapped potential? Are there enough resources?

Anyone who wants to join the fight with us must be prepared to answer some hard-hitting questions.

With the knowledge gained, we develop a plan. Getting off on bullshit bingo? Not on our watch! We keep it simple and pragmatic. Not always conventional – but always spot-on!


When the going gets tough, we get tougher. The enemy: technical limitations, cultural hurdles, internal friction, regulators, competitors, time…

Inch by inch, we battle forward, break through resistance, perform surprising maneuvers, thus gaining ground. Although ASD, MVP, scrum, disruption, transformation, etc. are part of our arsenal, our strongest weapon is common sense.


And we don’t let up: when the dust settles, our customers will be the ‘last brand standing’.

But even when the bullets stop flying, we’re not twiddling our thumbs. We pursue the long-term interests of our clients: through lobbying, networking and as interim managers, we help to hold and expand the ground gained.

I want it all! How much is it?

Our budget minimum is 25k. There’s no “Could you quickly…?” with us. Our motto: “Do it right, or don’t do it at all!” We offer start-up assistance to promising startups in return for a share of the profits. Everyone else has to negotiate.

Hmm…and that really works?

Let’s talk:

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Over a cup of coffee:

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